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August 22, 2013
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Black Jack 82213 Rough by sledgeviper Black Jack 82213 Rough by sledgeviper
The Black Jack is still slightly rough, there are proportion erros all over, sloppy lines, to name a few imperfections. Colored in photoshop.

Please hold constructive criticism, ideas, and suggestions until the final version is made.

Background info:
This is a very old design, probably as old as the Bohgon and Wisteria concept, but it's the first Protagonist Mecha for Brim Star (I think the Beretta came a little later.)

This version is actually the prototype, for the Mass produced version is simpler. Old concepts of the Hammer-Blocks were blunted, and were casta side to use bladed edges to allow for areodynamics and greater destruction using atmosphereic turblence.

The Black Jack is a Martial Artists Dream come true, built for the fray, built to be a "Meat-Shield" and withstand the most concussive impacts, all while crushing and bashing everything that stands in it's way. In the Earth Races/Colonies there is no rival. Even with the suit being showerd by an endless barrage of bullets and Particle/Death-Ray launchers (not Beam/energy) the unit can still walk unhindered.

The Black Jack is a revolutionary design from the frame to it's materials. With the prospect of fly-by-wire arms, legs and Hammer-Blocks the entire unit is essentially a solid state machine, meaning, there are no circuits, anything and everything dealing with electral cuurrents exist as solid structures completing the electrical conduction, for any true cables, wires, gears, ball-bearings, circuitry would be shattered. Solid-State, is only a marginally accurate term, giving exception to the rule that there are regions to the parts that are hollow to reduce weight and retain strength. While the Unit it's self cannot exceeed Mach 1.5, the Arms, Legs and Hammer-Blocks move significantly faster (I haven't decided how fast,) no doubt it can launch them ~Mach 4-6 (roughly.) The unit is created close to half-way in the story of Brim Star 1 (there are sequels to the story) when new materials are found which allow this "impossible machine" to become a reality.

The unit requires 3 engines that act as a holy-trinity (so far) plus a jump-start engine to turn on all three at the same time. Each engine creates 1 or more biproduct that feeds the other engine or serves a purpose to the function of the machine. One Engine is the Mass Diverter, which moves the mass of the machine towards it's center, thus reducing the weight on it's joints; as for it's bi-product, I haven't made it yet for any of the engines. I'm still working on the other engines too, one could very well be a large scale energy-generator for the Beam-Wires and Rail-Guns, but engine creation requires a lot of thought. The Beam-wires do not act as one would suspect, they are infact sheathed with another energy-wall that prevents the wires from doing damage to allied units, but that barrier can be controlled via computer or pilot should the cables be caught. *Note: In Brim Star, Beam weaponry is merely secondary, for a revolutionary engine (that was created approx ~20years ago [in the story] created vibrations that repel beam-weapons unless the frame was damaged (like it was warped, and ceased to be straight), once the unit has sustained enough damage to either it's outer-armor, or the frame then beam-weapons become deadly again but only to that damaged region. Therefore, physical weapons+projectiles are the primary ammo.* I'm currently trying to create an engine that is similar to FSSes' EZLaser engine, but I don't want to directly rip-off FSS, having an energy based piston system is an excellent method of solving the weight problem as well as complex machinery (like gear-shafts/boxes, overdrives, etc.) I'll post more on the Engines as time progresses.

The Hammer-Blocks are operated by internal, Physical-Energy rail-guns, as such, the unit needs minimal Boosters, this means that the unit can mvoe faster than it's typical generator outout via firing the Rail-guns in succession. There are no physical-interal tracks for the rail system, this cuts down on necessary repairs, and prevents the rail-guns from destroying themselves internally should something abnormal happen. When off, the blocks are held in place electromagnetism which is found in a chemical additive that is fused into the metallic alloy of the entire Block and where it nests in the arm. The blocks can be fired forwards backwards at great speed and precision thanks to the computer. The unit can also fire its' limbs and their prospective Blocks in a variety of successions: The arms/legs first, then the blocks (which can be nested in either the projectile or in the limb that's still connected to the unit. However if the block has been fired, then the arms/legs firing speed are significantly weaker (even though the unit can still walk and move it's arms without the aid of the Hammer-Block.)

The Black Jack is insanely heavy (I admit I haven't come up with a numerical-weight of the unit). Being that a full scale Plasictic kit of a Mobile suit would weight about as much as their fantasy weight, it's difficult to give the B.Jack a correct number. It could very well weigh 300 tons (and mind you, Brim Star has been using mecha technology for about 200+ years, so there have been many improvements to their design.) Repairs are less difficult than most Mechs, for the simple fact of it's solid state mechanics.

The unit also boast no projectile launchers, no headmounted machine guns (yet), missiles, laser/beam weapons because of mounting difficulties, shock-impact issues, folding door-bays (to protect them from stray shots) however with proper timeing, the unit can fire bullets merely by holding the shell and finger flicking the primer (or with the joint block.) *side note: in B.S. Bullets to not use black Power, and casings are not ejected, this is to preserve resources; and some casings get converted into apart of the projectile after firing.
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Grebo-Guru Aug 22, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Heyyyyy, there it is! I like this thing. Dem elbows...!
This could very be drawn in an action pose or two, sooner than later.  I feel that the idle pose doesn't do it jsutice, and I too want to see it in action.
Awesome! I want one!
zoudon Aug 22, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
epic work love it
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